Place Name:
Miller Park
residential - large

1,200,000 square feet
very light
run down
unknown but large number of the dregs of society
Description and notes:
Once a venue for athletic events, Miller Park has been pressed into use as living quarters. The retractable roof has been closed since the first major series of blackouts during the crash, and the park has been turned into a sort of indoor shantytown, with hundreds of small, crude shelters housing people so poor that they have nowhere else to go. Some people reside here for a few nights or a few weeks, but the desperately poor can end up spending their entire lives in the park. Conditions are squalid and crime is rampant; police patrol the outside grounds but don't generally enter the park unless there is something like a large-scale riot going on.The facility has no power and the playing field has been converted into crude latrines. The seats and bleachers were torn out long ago for use as hut-building materials. People down on their luck and in need of a place to sleep can almost always find open space, and perhaps even an abandoned shelter, in the park. However, they would be well advised to keep a close eye on their possessions and mount a watch through the night; some of the long-term residents are desperate enough to kill for a slice of bread.