Klaus was following behind the group like he normally did. He was noticing the cloudy sky. It looked almost overcast. He was hoping it wouldn’t rain. He was looking at the decrypted buildings and broken down cars. He would often trail behind the group to make sure no one was following them, but also to make sure if anyone was waiting to jump the group they wouldn’t be discouraged by Klaus’ immense size. Klaus needed a good fight to release his stress. The scuffle with Arita was barely anything and Klaus didn’t want to kill her since she wasn’t exactly a hostile. Never the less he cracked his neck and caught up to the group as they approached the Fighting Phils center.

The base was very large with orange paint on the building. There was a very high wall around the area with one fence that Lelo, Marcus, Patrick, and Klaus were at. There were two Fighting Phils guards at the gate. Their clothes were tattered and a dirty orange color. Klaus noticed both of the guards had revolvers on their hips.

Klaus watched as Lelo approached the guards and was talking to them. Klaus knew talking was not his strong suit so he avoided talking. He would occasionally cough or clear his throat as Marucs, Lelo and the guard talked. Klaus sighed and would look at his feet. He felt persuading people was pointless. People could be bought with favors, items, or money. Persuading was for people would didn’t have money or couldn’t intimidate others. Klaus knew it would have a negative effect if he were to threaten or intimidate the guards, since this was the Fighting Phil’s center that had more than 200 people there at the least. Klaus knew he couldn’t fight all of them.

As Klaus was just about to walk away and look at the surrounding area, one of the guards started to lead the group into the Fighting Phil’s center. The rusty door squeaked as it opened up. There was a sea of dirty orange and dirty blue as the group passed into the courtyard of the Fighting Phil’s center. It also smelled worse than the lake with the dead fish. Klaus looked at the soldiers as they passed. The soldiers were studying the group noticing each member. Klaus didn’t like being the prey, he liked being the predator, so it was very uncomfortable for him. He looked at the official Fighting Phil’s center doors that were wood, since most of the glass that had existed was broken. It was cool inside the building. Klaus cracked his back as he stood behind the group. The guard opened two large wooden doors to an old room. Klaus followed the group into the room.

The room was quite old and not taken care of. The wallpaper was peeling, faded, and was torn in some places. What was odd was there seemed to be many little circles indented into the wall, but only on the far end. There were big bookshelves full of books. The air was thick, musty, and hazy. The guard was talking to a man way down at the end of the room.

“Terry who are these people?” said the man at the far end of the room.

Terry, the guard, said, “They wanna see you bout some business stuff.”

“Okay”, said the man.

Klaus knew he needed to talk now. This man could be reasoned with and Klaus knew the best way to do it.

Klaus said, “Sir, we have an offer for you.”

“Terry Terry Terry Terry Terry“, stuttered the man, “do you trust these people?”

“Shit no! Mr. Gumble” echoed Terry.

Klaus was annoyed with that response. He was trying to do a business deal with Gumble. Gumble looked at the group and pointed at them with a hammer and said he likes Marcus and Patrick and that he is afraid of Klaus, but he didn’t like Lelo.
Klaus now doubted this man’s sanity. He carried a hammer, which was as effective as Marcus’ knife.

“It would benefit us both greatly,” said Klaus.

“I like getting benefits,” said Gumble.

Patrick said, “Might we discuss this in private?”

Klaus was supprised that Patrick spoke up. Gumble agreed to talk to the group in one corner and have Terry wait in the other corner. Klaus didn’t like Gumble, he got a weird vibe from him. He knew he couldn’t kill him because that would mean the group would die. He kept his hand on his pistol just incase anything were to happen. He had not fired a shot so far on this job.

“We want to kill Crowley’s son”, said Marcus.

Gumble flew off the hook and started hitting the hammer on the wall and making more circle dents in the wall.

“What makes you think you can just walk in here and say you can do what we’ve been trying to do for years and make it work?” Gumble swung his hammer at the wall again.

“We are motivated”, said Klaus.

Patrick was speaking to Gumble, but Klaus wasn’t listening. He was focused on trying not to quick draw and blow Gumble’s brains out.

“Fine fine fine fine fine fine”, said Gumble.

“Tell me your names”, said Gumble.

The group listed their names, “Marucs”, “Patrick”, “Klaus”, and “Lelo.”

“Lelo who?” asked Gumble.

“Lelo Vega”

“Lelo Vega everybody.” Gumble said slow and loud.

“Lelo Vega”, the name echoed from the building as if everyone had said it and was paying attention to the conversation.”

“Well this is how it is. You bring me a dead Crowley and we’ll help you out.” said Gumble.

Klaus grinned when he hear it. Finally this was his area of expertise. As the group was leaving all of the Fighting Phils said “Lelo Vega.” The possibilities ran through Klaus’ head. Klaus didn’t like Bernie so he could easily take him out. The mayor was the only one that needed to be alive. If they went to the Crawly person they would have to get more than one.

As the guard at the gate shrugged his shoulders and said “Lelo Vega” the group decided the easiest place would be the market to kill a Crawley.