NAME: Marvis Beldor

Age: 22

Sex: Male

Race: Scotch-Irish

Class: Poverty

Profession: Gambler

Disposition: High Strung

Faction(s): N/A



To say the least about Marvis is to say that he loves to gamble. But to him the gamble is much more than that, and he isn't as foolish to think that the only thing in life is the game. To really understand young Marvis Beldor you'd have to take a short step back in time. When he was a boy, the world was only just growing used to the decay and distress of The End. In his childhood he spent much of it being carried through backwoods of Southern Wisconsin, fleeing most other people. His parents kept him safe, as if he was the only treasure they had left. Marvis never learned who they were before the world went black. And he certainly doesn't have any way of finding out. You see it was in those dark woods of Wisconsin that the cold night took the life of his mother, he was seven then. He had helped his father dig a shallow grave that cold November evening. Three years later his father passed due to an undiagnosed illness, not due to the diagnosis but the lack of a diagnosis. After his mother passed, his father was no longer invested in the relationship with his son. They moved from outpost to camp to village, never resting in one place for a few months. In the last place they settled in at before his passing is where Marvis really began to grow up. At ten years he was a dirty mess of a child, with more close calls by bandits and wild animals than warm childhood memories of drawing on pavement with chalk or chasing through a sprinkler. But lucky little Marv found these memories more important and he clung to each and everyone of them. He was raised in the small farming community where his father passed away at. An old, half-Hispanic woman raised Marvis from the age of ten until twenty went he set out on his own. In the community he had a few responsibilities and never stuck to them. He was always trading things with the other youngsters and kids and scamming them to do his chores. Overtime, and a lot of scolding, he realized that the world was calming down and becoming tame like an old hound. So, he came to the conclusion to go and see this world.

During his first two years of exploration and travel he found himself in and out of some dangerous situations. He gained a lot of wealth in utilities and and lost even more in debts during gambling. Every next game of his was to be his last, or at least he'd say that to everyone around him, it comforted them. Marv knew that the game would never end for him unless he met his end, which he intended on avoiding like beggars in the market. So, his last great scam and gamble led him to lose all he had collected, for a chance at some large property and some very salvageable buildings. Now, with a great debt on his head he did what any honest addict would've done. He fled. His quick feet carried him to the coast of the Great Lake, and he wandered south until he hit the wildlands, he never knew what was there until then. That was where his life was spared by a not so vile Wildman. And he has been using him as cover since.








Intelligence: 2
Wits: 4
Resolve: 2

Strength: 1
Dexterity: 3
Stamina: 3

Presence: 1
Manipulation: 3
Composure: 2



Academics : 0 (specific field)
Computer : 0
Crafts : 1 (Sewing)
Investigation : 0
Medicine : 0
Religion/Knowledge: 1
Politics : 0
Scavenging: 2
Science: 0


Athletics : 1
Brawl : 0
Drive/Pilot : 0
Firearms : 1
Larceny : 2
Stealth : 3 (Crowds)
Survival : 3
Weaponry: 1


Animal ken : 1
Empathy : 0
Intimidation : 0
Persuasion : 3 (Fast Talking)
Socialize : 0
Streetwise : 1
Subterfuge: 2


Danger Sense: 2
Ambidextrous: 3
Fast Reflexes: 2



Addiction: Gambling