NAME: Lelo Vega

Age: 25

Sex: Male


Class: Middle

Profession: Detective






Lelo Vega. Lelo Vega is a 25 year old detective living in the Milwaukee area. Lelo grew up as a very intelligent child and could figure out or solve anything that he set his mind to. He was intrigued by the concept of the policeman, to protect and serve. As an orphaned child, Lelo grew up not knowing what it was like to have siblings and became very isolated from other children as a result. In school, many of the kids were amazed by his brilliance, but afraid to interact with Lelo due to his lack of care for his peers. This would go on into his adulthood as a detective; Working alone and believing in his own abilities. Lelo’s biggest flaw is perhaps his dislike for teamwork. He has been solving many cases by himself and he has grown accustomed to taking on a case independently. He feels like he can overcome any obstacle that he will run into by himself, and he doesn’t doubt his own abilities. Although, he can put these feelings to the side when it becomes apparent that teamwork is necessary. If it means justice, Lelo will do whatever he feels he must to fulfill his goals. Lelo dislikes sweet foods, and he will not eat anything such as a dessert if offered to him. Lelo values justice above all, and he will not stop his fight for it until he feels that justice has been served. His adoptive father was a policeman and Lelo viewed him as a hero from his perspective. He was proud of his adoptive father, and he hoped to one day become a hero like him in some way. Dedicating his life to justice, Lelo joined the police force and soon became a very dedicated detective, Becoming one of the most requested detectives. Lelo likes to read. when he is not working to solve any cases he’ll read as he believes it keeps his brain moving. He does not have a favorite author, and he never pays attention to who wrote the books that he reads, but he often reads a lot of crime/mystery novels when the time allows. Lelo has been reading books since he was a child, and he has always been hooked on the thrill of a good book. He dislikes being bothered while reading a book, especially when he is really into it. He won’t raise his voice or get violent, but he might respond with a slightly insulting remark. Interrupting Lelo while reading a book is much like interrupting him while he is trying to solve a case. Since he often reads crime/mystery novels, he is somewhat in the same state of mind he would be in if he were to solve a case in real life. Lelo’s success comes primarily from his skill of deduction. He is able to deduce the whereabouts and and motives of a suspect when he finds or is presented with facts about the suspect. This makes Lelo a great ally to have in a team, and makes him somewhat responsible for the strategy that the team takes. When he realizes that he has to co-exist with people, Lelo will put aside his own feelings and use his team members’ best abilities to the teams advantage. He basically takes a lemon and makes lemonade in this situation. Although he may ignore his true feelings when he isn’t working on a case of his own, Lelo can sometimes find himself butting heads with his own team mates from time to time, given his nature as a loner and his lack of enthusiasm. Moments like these only surface in a form of verbal exchange from frustrated team mate’s who are unsupportive in in Lelo’s independance. Although Lelo’s greatest strength is his head, he can also show athletic abilities if the situation is needed. For example, if he was in a situation where it seemed like he would have to physically defend himself, Lelo will try to outsmart the enemy to avoid unnecessary physical contact. He feels like like getting into a scuffle will only make matters worse during an investigation, and he would have to focus on protecting himself as well as solving the case. He has been known to be somewhat manipulative to achieve goals at times. Lelo lives alone, and hardly makes any contact with family. Although he is not ashamed of them, he is so caught up with his work that he does not find the time to deal with such matters.








Intelligence: 5
Wits: 3
Resolve: 3

Strength: 3
Dexterity: 2
Stamina: 3

Presence: 2
Manipulation: 3
Composure: 4



Academics : 4 (specific field)
Computer : 2
Crafts : 1 (specific craft)
Investigation : 4
Medicine : 1
Religion/Knowledge: 0
Politics : 3
Scavenging: 2
Science: 1


Athletics : 3
Brawl : 2
Drive/Pilot : 3
Firearms : 3
Larceny : 0
Stealth : 1
Survival : 3
Weaponry: 3


Animal ken : 1
Empathy : 1
Intimidation : 2
Persuasion : 3
Socialize : 4
Streetwise : 3
Subterfuge: 1

MERITS (should not exceed 7)



Has a bad attitude towards working with others.