NAME: Lawrence Kraft

Age: 26

Sex: Male

Race: White

Class: Upper-Class

Profession: Merchant

Disposition: Trust-Issues, Clever

Faction(s): Good relations with: Trailvyne And Dreamers



"A faint white string still tied around your wrists
A cataclysmic puppeteer with a skeleton key
Our once entwined but now separate worlds exists
The thin shackle has broken… please be free…"
- Eve Kraft, 2056

A phrase written over and over again in Lawrence's mind after her passing. It was written in the cover a book, that he's since inherited and
used to write his more personal thoughts about his travel and clients.

Being born in Madison, he had no real foresight of the world, unlike his parents who had lived through the brunt of everything that was thrown
at them. His parents weren't the best at a skilled trade, so his mother would be at home to take care of him while his father would go out
trading for whatever supplies that they'd need at the time. It was a pleasantly simple life, even though in the end it was a matter of life and death..

When he become of older age, his role models were almost at their limits. Father had passed away by now and mother was on her death
bed with little more then that small book she'd always keep with her since her husband passing away. When the day had passed, he
found out why she kept it so close to her. Inside was a halftone photographic of them before the apocalypse happened and behind it
written in the cover that poem. He has still not found out what his mother was trying to say..

Since then he's taken up his father's skill in buying and selling goods for profit. Before his father death, he had spent a large portion
of his time with him while he worked or had been talked too about it here and there. The concept was simple for Lawrence to grasp
and had fine ability to learn economics are an alarming rate. His father knew this and attempted to even get him older reading
materials like books or bring him to the LoreKeepers in search of historical resources (which never did seem to work out for them!).
His quick thinking and silver tongue was able to get Lawrence into some larger deals with the Trailvyne Trading Company.
It was going rather well for him and was able to successfully advance his relations with fellow merchants and higher profile clients.
He had finally made a good living.

Which was sadly short lived. Associates began to spread rumors in attempts to backstab him for what little wealth and reputation
he had garnered. One of those being a close friend of his. They were out on a business trip up to the Wittman Hub, which was a
normal occurrence with all the high end goods he had been traveling with. Since half-way to the the market, he was thrown from
the cart and knocked out cold. Once he was awake, his items where still present, but anything left in the cart was taken along
with his friend. At this point with little to loss, he walks towards the Wittman Hub and surrounding area to help find this
once close, but now, thief. As he walks, writing in his black little book, only a few words come to his mind:

"Who can really trusted..?"

Session Vignettes:








Intelligence: 4
Wits: 2
Resolve: 2

Strength: 3
Dexterity: 2
Stamina: 1

Presence: 2
Manipulation: 3
Composure: 2



Academics : 1 (specific field)
Computer : 0
Crafts : 1 (specific craft)
Investigation : 0
Medicine : 0
Religion/Knowledge: 1
Politics : 0
Scavenging: 1
Science: 0


Athletics : 0
Brawl : 1
Drive/Pilot : 1
Firearms : 2
Larceny : 0
Stealth : 0
Survival : 2
Weaponry: 1


Animal ken : 0
Empathy : 1
Intimidation : 2
Persuasion : 2
Socialize : 3
Streetwise : 1
Subterfuge: 0

MERITS (should not exceed 7)

Eidetic Memory (2 Dots)

Language (One to Three)

Status (One to Five)



(list flaws here if any)