NAME: Jocelyn "the Fist"

Age: 28

Sex: Female

Race: African American

Class: Near Poverty

Profession: Mercenary

Disposition: Cold

Faction(s): Ex God's Fist



Jocelyn was trained as a Welterweight in both boxing and kickboxing from age six by practitioners of the Righteous Fist of the Lord in Milwaukee in the Home Chantry. Her parents were both Trainers in the God's Fist faction. After they died in a Crawley-related incident when Jocelyn was 14, she was brought up by the Ministers and Trainers to be a loyal Fist. After chafing against the chantry's religious doctrine for years, Jocelyn left to find work on her own at age 20. Since that time, Jocelyn has done several kinds of minor mercenary work: usually personal guard duty, caravan protection, and often professional fighting. She always looks for a good fight, clean or not, and reasons that aren't entirely steeped in evil.

Jocelyn will protect the weak when she can, with little thought for her own safety, as the Chantry taught her. However, she is just as quick to leave them after an attack is past, no matter their condition. People that are powerless in an attack, not matter how momentarily, are viewed as weak by Jocelyn, and she will not stick around to be associated with them.

She has a black and white sense of right and wrong, but that moral code seems to make sense only to her. Once a person has been painted as bad in her mind, it is difficult to reverse her opinion. Personal property means little to her, and protection the weak seems to extend only to their lives. Growing up in the Chantry with few possessions, and continuing in a low class standing during her adult life, Jocelyn places value on few objects. The exception are her trusty Brass Knuckles. If in need, she will steal survival basics without a second thought. She has also been hired to steal, with no qualm, so long as the victims passed her moral guidelines for not entirely honest means of employment.

Jocelyn's life, while sometimes exciting, has thus far been unfulfilling. She is hoping to find an employer she can believe in, and a task by which she can measure true success.

She is 5' 4", and has a God's Fist tattoo, obtained at 16, on her right shoulder.

5 Water Tokens
[in basic backpack]
Stitch 'em Up Kit
Lye Soap
Travel Sewing Kit
Wrist Splint
Potatoes (3)
2 pieces of Bread




SPEED = 11


Combat Knife (military knife)
Brass Knuckles
Leather Jerkin (AR 1/0)
Leather Chaps (AR 1/0)


Intelligence: 1
Wits: 2
Resolve: 3

Strength: 4
Dexterity: 2
Stamina: 2

Presence: 4
Manipulation: 1
Composure: 2



Academics : 0 (specific field)
Computer : 0
Crafts : 0 (specific craft)
Investigation : 0
Medicine : 4
Religion/Knowledge: 0
Politics : 0
Scavenging: 0
Science: 0


Athletics : 1
Brawl : 5 (Boxing, Kickboxing)
Drive/Pilot : 0
Firearms : 0
Larceny : 0
Stealth : 0
Survival : 2
Weaponry: 2


Animal ken : 0
Empathy : 0
Intimidation : 4 (Stare Downs)
Persuasion : 0
Socialize : 0
Streetwise : 2
Subterfuge: 0

MERITS (should not exceed 7)

Fighting Style, Boxing: 3
Body Blow: 1
Duck and Weave: 2

Brawling Dodge: 1



  • quick to anger
  • impatient