NAME:Floyd Crane










Floyd Crane lost his right eye in a bear fight when he was sixteen years old. The bear was charging in on him, as he tells it, and right as it began an attack, Floyd collapsed to the ground, springing a trap that released 2 spears, one over each of his shoulders,into the heart and the right arm of the bear.A glancing blow from the left paw as the bear fell raked out his right eye. Every time he tells it, he trails off with the words, “Instant death,” for dramatic effect. If people don’t believe him, he doesn't hesitate to whip off his eye patch and show them the gaping hole in his head. If they still don’t believe them, he will challenge them to a trap making contest between the two of them, and "whoever comes out alive will know the other was full of shit."
Floyd is the son of Darrel and Mimi Crane, both now deceased. Darrel and Mimi were some of the original dreamers, but when their vision didn't see eye to eye with that of the Steam Priest, they went their own way. Lake Winnebago was claimed by the Dreamers so the Cranes moved west. They were familiar with life on the water, so they built and lived near Lake Butte des Morts.
Darrel and Mimi would take Floyd with them on scavenging/hunting expeditions and taught him the basics of survival, as well as what among the rubble had value in this era and where to find it. The same year that Floyd lost his eye was the same year his parents died. Nothing absurd, his mother died of a sickness of the lung, his father soon followed in a sickness of the heart. His twin sister, Eliza, took care of his wound. All they had to their name was the dilapidated shanty, small rations, basic necessities, and the tools and knowledge for survival.
He joined his father in burying his mother. In burying his father he was joined to his first tastes of whiskey, a vintage bottle that his father had pilfered long ago.
Floyd had little contact with the outside world before his parents died and became curious what the cities were like, what they were really like. He had seen them many times from a distance, and more closely when he was younger, so he had a vague idea of what to expect. But the memory of a child, coupled with the rants of his parents, mostly on the subject of the Dreamers society, but his parents had little love for anyone who chose to remain in the cities. Once the steam priest deceived them, his parents turned from nearly all technology, though Darrel and Mimi were not shy to equip their home with whatever technology they scavenged.
Since the death of their parents, Floyd and Eliza have been to the cities a handful of times, but they do their best to keep to themselves.
Floyd has a memory of being very young and hearing white noise roar from a radio. (He now has a love for junkyard bands.)
From living so close to nature, Floyd has a great sense of both danger and direction. If it weren't for his ability to navigate through the Wisconsin wilderness he would have died long ago. Floyd is a survivor, scavenger, hunter, and gatherer all rolled into one.

As our story begins, Floyd and Eliza have decided to head to the Lorekeepers in Madison in order to get information on, and hopefully payment for an artifact that had been scavenged by their parents. The artifact has remained safely in the possession of the twins for many years. They know little about the artifact, but enough to know that they need more information. His ultimate goal is to return to the house his parents built, fix it up, and continue a life of distance from society. That being said, Floyd wouldn't mind having a wife, but due to his somewhat gruesome appearance, he doesn't believe that this is possible. On the few occasions in which Floyd has sought the company of humans, of which he is not related to, it has been for the hope of meeting a woman whom he can love. Floyd is gruff in appearance and often in conversation, but this is a by-product of his intimidating presence and his upbringing. In reality, Floyd is gentle and warm, yet currently, only Eliza knows this about him. Eliza, who would love to see her brother happily betrothed, often acts as a matchmaker, whether he is interested in the match or not. Floyd's priority is to get the most he can in exchange for the artifact and return to his home with supplies and rations.




SPEED = 11




Intelligence: 1
Wits: 3
Resolve: 2

Strength: 4
Dexterity: 2
Stamina: 2

Presence: 3
Manipulation: 1
Composure: 2



Academics : 0 (specific field)
Computer : 0
Crafts : 4 (Traps)
Investigation : 1
Medicine : 0
Religion/Knowledge: 0
Politics : 0
Scavenging: 3
Science: 0


Athletics : 2
Brawl : 4
Drive/Pilot : 0
Firearms : 0
Larceny : 1
Stealth : 1
Survival : 3
Weaponry: 2


Animal ken : 0
Empathy : 1
Intimidation : 3
Persuasion : 0
Socialize : 0
Streetwise : 0
Subterfuge: 0

MERITS (should not exceed 7)



(One Eye)
Giant 4
Danger Sense 2
Direction Sense 1