NAME: Brother Patrick





Profession:Soldier/Brother Militant

Disposition: Friendly

Faction(s):Brothers of the good Shepherd



Brother Patrick was raised in the Monastery, and for the boys that grew up as he did, the Brothers Militant were the heroes of all their stories. It was natural then that at the age of 17, Patrick decided he had received the call to serve. He joined the Brothers, took the vow, and went through the training. He eventually proved tough, smart, and strong enough to join the strong right arm of the Church.
What follows is a classic story played out more than once on the Monastery grounds.. Though a soldier to his core, he was a young man, and young men are not suited to meeting the rigorous demands of a monastic order. Patrick's childhood friend, the young Abigail, became very close to him as they grew older, and eventually the inevitable happened. The young couple were not nearly as discreet as they had thought, and were discovered in short order.
The Brothers have a procedure in cases like this, a variety of penances that could be served by the Brother if he wished to stay in the order, or release if he did not. Patrick could not conceive of another life, and so he choose devotion over love. His task to earn forgiveness was the harshest the Abbot could give: he was exiled from the Monastery, his penance to do good works, protect the weak, and punish the wicked. He can return to the Monastery only to relate the tale of the things he has done, and if the Abbot finds he has done enough, he may rejoin the order. Until that day, he is an outcast.
Today he finds himself a wanderer, looking for wrongs to right and good deeds to do so that he can earn his way back into the good graces of his Order. But, he can't help thinking of what might have been, had he simply chosen to take Abigail and leave to make their own life. The horrors he sees on a daily basis convince him that he has chosen correctly, but the thought of paths not taken continues to itch at the back of his mind.
The world is not what Patrick had thought. When a Monastery is your whole world, even one under constant siege, the hard scrabble reality of a post apocalypse can come as a bit of shock. He can live: he is a soldier and has been fighting for most of his short life. But making a living when your only skill is killing people is not for the morally strict. He has not yet been forced into the morally grey, or even black, in order to survive, but he fears that he will have to do something that will only mar his soul further.
Patrick is a big guy, which is probably at least one reason he was chosen for the Brothers Militant. He tops 6 feet, and weighs in around 200lbs, and his is not a life that lends itself to flab or fat. His hair is black, and cut in the traditional tonsure that has made a resurgence as the Brothers find themselves becoming more and more conservative with passing time: the top shaved clean, as well as the sides and nape of his neck, leaving a circular fringe. In his case this has a tendency to stick out at odd angles. He has lost two of his front teeth, casualties of training exercises and a lack of dental surgery. Patrick has the ruddy, brown complexion of a fair complexioned man who spends most of his time outdoors, but will never truly tan. All in all, while perhaps strong and muscular, he does not look smart. He has more the appearance of a half-witted laborer, and he is smart enough to play to that particular expectation.
He wears the Brothers Militant uniform, a combat capable version of the monkish cassock. Made of brown, coarsely woven cloth, it includes a hood that hangs down his back, and wide sleeves with little pockets inside, pants of the same material, and boots.




SPEED = 10

WEAPONS = compound bow, sabre, 30 arrows



Intelligence: 2
Wits: 2
Resolve: 3

Strength: 3
Dexterity: 2
Stamina: 3

Presence: 1
Manipulation: 1
Composure: 4



Academics : 0 (specific field)
Computer : 0
Crafts : 1 (bowyer/fletcher)
Investigation : 0
Medicine : 2
Religion/Knowledge: 2 (Specialty: Catholicism)
Politics : 0
Scavenging: 2
Science: 0


Athletics : 2
Brawl : 2
Drive/Pilot : 0
Firearms : 0
Larceny : 0
Stealth : 2
Survival : 2
Weaponry: 3 (Specialty: Bow, sabre)


Animal ken : 0
Empathy : 2
Intimidation : 0
Persuasion : 0
Socialize : 2
Streetwise : 0
Subterfuge: 0

MERITS (should not exceed 7)

meditative mind (+1)
fighting style: boxing (+2)
common sense(+4)



(list flaws here if any)