Before the group left the Fighting Phils the group decided that Patrick would get Mayor Charles P. Twarld. Klaus was semi relived to get rid of the monk. As Klaus, Marcus, and Lelo walked over to the market, Klaus looked at the broken down city and was thinking about how he was happy to get his hands dirty. It had been a while since he had killed someone and he was anticipating it with much regard. As the group approached the market, there were two guards in a booth on the way to the market. One was a Waltzer goon and the other was a Sullivans Fleet hand. Klaus was in no mood for a Walterz goon at all and killing this was would be a mistake since there was a Sullivans Fleet hand right there. Klaus wanted to make it known to the Walterz goon that he should not be messed with so he said, “fuck off.”

“Wh- why are you so mean”, questioned the goon.

“I was gonna let you past, but now no”, said the goon.

“I’m sorry for my friend here”, said Lelo.

“Well finally someone who cares”, said the goon as he went in for a hug with Lelo.

The goon said, “I’m not gonna let go until you get your buddy there to say he’s sorry and give me a hug.”

Klaus didn’t like hugs, nor did he like Walterz so Klaus went in to the goon with his enormous arms. He started to slowly tighten his grip and keep tightening until the goon started to scream and cry in agony. Four Walterz walked out to see what the noise was and Klaus knew his only chance was to get help from the Sullivan’s Fleet hand.

Klaus said, “Hey, buddy come on all were trying to do is kill one Walterz, we need only one. Help us out and you’ll get a reward.”

The hand wispers, “Alright, but it will cost you and I’ll have to arrest you and beat you up.”

So the hand put cuffs on Klaus and smack him around a bit to make it seem like he was hurting Klaus. The Walterz guard was saying in a very timid manner, “You give it to him, you show him Chaz.”

Chaz, the hand turned to the four Walterz approaching and said, “I got this you guys. He’s mine.”

Chaz led Klaus through the market where everyone was glaring at him because he was a troublemaker. They stopped at a building that was far away from the market square and Chaz, Klaus, Marcus, and Lelo went into an older building. It was an older building with haze and dust floating mid air.

Chaz yelled, “Old Thom were here.”

Old Thom emerged from behind a bunch of old scrap metal and he was a shorter old man that was holding two hoagie sandwiches that looked old and greasy. Klaus was unaware of what was going on and was looking at Chaz.

Chaz said, “Introduce yourselves.”

Klaus said, “I"m Klaus and I’m a bad man.”

Lelo said, “I’m Lelo and I’m very disappointed in in this bad man.”

Marcus just said, “I’m Marcus.”

Chaz said, “See I’ve wanted to kill Arnie for a while now and you are the perfect scape goats.”

Arnie walks in with one hand on his back from the bear hug.

Klaus said, “Well we want to kill him and take his body out of here.”

Chaz said, “It’s gonna cost you all you got.”

Arnie was shocked in disbelief and was about to run for it. Before Arnie could run Klaus grabbed him and kept him from running away.
Old Thom went over to the group and said, “Give me everything you have.”

Klaus knew they only had 1000 total money. Klaus said 100. Old Thom didn’t like it so he picked up a screwdriver and jabbed it in Arnie’s leg. Arnie began to yell and scream in pain as his pants started to soak up the blood.

Old Thom said, “I said everything. I know you got more than that.”

Klaus said, “What about 200 for you Old Thom and 50 for you Chaz to make sure we can kill him and we get out of here with the body with out getting caught.”

Old Thom walks over and rips the screwdriver out of Arnie’s knee and starts violently stabbing him in his arm about 12 times.

Old Thom uttered, “ Give me Arnie.”

Chaz puts a gun to Klaus’ head so he drops Arnie. Old Thom grabs Arnie and puts his head in a vice and cranks it down.

Old Thom said, “For every 50 I get it’ll be one crank.

Klaus said, “Old Thom you get 275 and Chaz you get 50.”

Chaz grunted, “Sure”

Klaus hands over the money to Chaz and he puts it on the table for Old Thom. As soon as Old Thom saw that he started cranking the vice as fast as he could and Arnie’s head exploded. Klaus sighed with disappointment. He went over to Arnie and took off his shirt and jacket and wrapped it around what was left of the head. Klaus put the body in his duster and prepared himself because the stench was unlike anything he had smelt before. Klaus, Marcus, and Lelo walked up from Old Thom’s shack. Marcus and Lelo went to the town square to start to fist fight and draw the attention away from Klaus. Klaus made a break for it and on his second step he tripped and the body flew from his duster and landed beside him. The market grew silent and everyone looked stopped focusing on Marcus and Lelo. Everyone in the market except the guards was focused on Klaus. Klaus grabbed the body and made another attempt to run, but he slipped in some blood and fell again. The smell was starting to get to Klaus. He got up, his drifter had a patch soaked in blood. He had blood on his shirt and pieces of skull and brain all over him. He picked up the body and quickly walked out of the market. As soon as Klaus left the market chatter picked up again.