I had finally caught up to Billy’s sister Rachel, a member of the Milwaukee chapter of the Lorekeepers, an apprentice despite her efforts could not advance her ranks. After her brother had calmed her down, we decided that we should return to the bazaar by the art museum because the college as it stands now is of no use to us. Although we hadn’t spoken much, Amelie suggested that Rachel might have a thing for me, but honestly I didn’t care. I wouldn’t let something as superfluous as a mutual attraction to someone who very well shares my beliefs and lull me into a state of sentimentality and elation. I still had a mission to do. Yes, let’s pretend that that is really is the case because I knew conflict would eventually destroy any semblance of interaction with a woman anyways. Although still very guarded both physically and mentally, she began to speak full sentences with us after we all started to suspect that we knew what she kept in her bag. She informed me that both she and her brother have ties to the Lorekeepers but are no longer technically in the group.
We made our way back to Joey and informed him of what we had seen on campus, and told us war is inevitable in a very relaxed, laughing manner.. He gave a gun to each member of our group and one to Billy, fully expecting us to be his allies and if need be, bullet sponges in the war. Being a sharp salesman and rumormonger, it wasn’t long for Joey to put two and two together and ascertained that Rachel’s bag contained the iPad, which we all figured as well even though I didn’t want it to be true. The object of my journey is literally in my reach, but I couldn’t just take her item, even if it is for a supposed greater good or that she probably stole it. Although Joey Martinez dabbled mostly in junk and sundries, he kept a flash drive on him that gave him an extra advantage over most tradesmen. For all that he had given us, he requested that Rachel copy the vast data and lore Janice amassed on that machine onto his tiny flash drive, knowing that the data would be worth something. Rachel agreed to do it and went outside for a drink, but we ran outside to find that she had stolen a horse and ran off, clearly with no intention of ever sharing the contents of the bag to anyone. Billy stayed with us that they never wanted to separate, so whatever happened must have been a critical moment. Joey’s a nice fellow, but his patience began, and he does have a business to tend, so needless to say our freeloading had angered him considerably. He allowed us to keep the guns that he had offered us, but informed us that we have 24 hours to return to him with a means to upload the data onto the flash drive, or he’d send his “boys” after us.
Eventually our pursuit of Rachel placed us on the roads near the Milwaukee River, always making sure to hide in the forest. It now seemed like even my fleeting moments of hope and comfort have been shattered and that my metaphorical pendulum of hope and strife stood in one immovable place. What would a journal entry be without a conflict with Crawley’s underlings? We found five of them meandering along the street, potentially intoxicated. They were shuffling at too slow of a pace for us to pass them by unnoticed since they were carrying lights, and it would have taken a considerable amount of time if we were to trail them. Now armed with two guns, I could not help but to think that Peck felt nigh invincible, or at least to the point that allowed to be more rash than ever. He hurled a rock to distract them, because you know, nothing would make the guards move faster and ignore us than a rock being thrown from the bushes. I would use the term “dumbass” because I have never used it before, but his overzealous swagger that saved the kids yesterday. Although he meant to create a simple diversion, his accuracy proved to be a hindrance and actually struck someone. I hope that he will be this accurate when he will actually need his gun! Amelie once again feigned drunken stupor and convince the guards that she threw it, and even got two of the guards to follow her as she pretended to hobble out of our sight. As we followed the three men that were left behind, we were shaken when we heard a gunshot from a near distance. Peck decided that the proverbial “jig” was up and leaped out of the bushes to complete his sneak attack, but his shot only grazed the guard, but combined with the shot before they were frightened enough escape. We regrouped with Amelie but were surprised to see her with a corpse lying next to feet, with another guard whimpering with a gun to his head. He mentioned that he had seen a woman on a horse head northwest and informed us that he is able to take us to her with the bus he and the others have taken. We decided to take him up on his offer, because we learned that although the Crawley faction is plentiful in numbers, it is a faction of cowards who are willing to do anything to survive. Although, I’m not exactly one to talk.
We are currently at a park in Whitefish Bay about to camp for the night in the bus that now acts as our temporary base of operation. I know it might it might take days, but I have to get Rachel and the iPad back.