NAME: Abby Adams

Age: 26-30

Sex: Female

Race: African American

Class: Upper Class

Profession: Merchant

Disposition: N/A

Faction(s): The Dreamers



Being a merchant for the Dreamers is rather odd enough, but an upper class merchant to that? Abby Adams lived in the Fox River Vally
region for her whole life. Being born into this apocalyptic, her family was supportive towards the local Dreamer religion. This had allowed them to raise
higher into the class rank, which Abby had no problems with as her motto always was, "To be better then the rest below me...".

When her father passed away due to illness, Abby's mother was in denial for a long period of time, and Abby had to work towards providing the necessary
supplies to keep them alive. This is when she meet a traveling merchant while she was visiting the Wittman Hub for food and noticed he needed some
help moving some supplies into his tent. They soon became acquaintances after a few years, and Abby was luck enough to be accepted under his belt
and was taught all that she knows now. When she turned 28, her master passed away from age, and she was deemed the owner of all his supplies and
reputation. She gratefully accepted, but soon quickly turned her attention to where her master had not looked. The Dreamers. She knew the possibility
of trading with them was low, but could give back a good amount of coin back to her. She was right in the end and has been trading goods back and
forth to them since this past year.




SPEED = 11

WEAPONS = 1 melee weapon

ARMOR = none


Intelligence: 3
Wits: 3
Resolve: 3

Strength: 2
Dexterity: 2
Stamina: 2

Presence: 2
Manipulation: 2
Composure: 3



Academics : 4 (put merchant's specialty here)
Computer : 0
Crafts : 0
Investigation : 0
Medicine : 0
Religion/Knowledge : 0
Politics : 0
Science: 0


Athletics : 0
Brawl : 0
Drive : 0
Firearms : 0
Larceny : 0
Stealth : 0
Survival : 0
Weaponry: 0


Animal ken : 0
Empathy : 5
Intimidation : 0
Persuasion : 0
Socialize : 0
Streetwise : 0
Subterfuge: 0

MERITS (should not exceed 7)

Resources based on class:
  • 0 for poverty
  • +1 for lower class
  • +2 for middle class
  • +3 for upper class
  • +4 for rich
  • +5 for very rich



(list flaws here if any)