Peck had to think about what was just offered to him, he really didn't think that the "ordinary" looking man would say that. To talk trade yes, that's to be expected on these caravan runs between the settlements but employment...Most folks just try to sweet-talk their way to a free drink of water or food. "Did you just offer me a job?" Peck chuckled back, "Surely you don't need my help, you being armed and all." as he gestured to the young man's Sabre on his hip.The caravan cart the two were riding hit a small bump and almost on que the Sabre rattled against the man's belt. Almost blushing at the superb timing of things the ordinary man said "Well what i'm after is a relic and though most can't use them, my people can. They can pay handsomely for your services, just say no and i'll move to another.."

Peck grabbed at his arm, "Calm down. i didn't say no. Continue." Now the young man took stock of the area. It was actually a nice quiet day riding on the back of this supply cart, the sun at it's peak casting it's warmth all around them, the slight creaks of other caravan wagons responding to their weight and even the soft murmurs of other conversations happening within in the caravan line and so feeling that no prying eyes or sharp ears were upon them the young man continued on. "Call me Benji,"he smiled. "I'm part of the Loremasters and what they have me after is of the utmost importance." This seemed to get Peck's attention.

"Go on." the young unkempt scrounger said as he leaned in closer "What is it?" and for a moment Benji did not respond, it was as if he was afraid to say the words. Quickly gathering his wits the Lorekeeper whispered, "It's a fully functioning ipod." There was another quiet moment before Peck let out another chuckle, seemed this day was full of jokes. "Yah, right." he sneered. "I'm waiting for the punchline." Benji stared back at him quizzically. "I'm serious. The data on that machine is very important, The Lorekeepers need that information." Peck let out a heavy sigh, it seems that this wasn't a joke. "Ugh!" he said as he rolled his eyes up to the clouds. "You realize that we can't do this alone IF i decide to. If you are right with what you say, we will need help." "That end will be taken care of once the caravan stops." said Benji with a smirk. "There are two more i have been planning to inquire upon, Milwaukee is the best spot for recruits. I'm offering you this job because you fit the bill." "Well at least you're honest" Peck responded as he laid back upon the cart walls. "Do me a favor then, wake me once we get to Milwaukee. Something tells me that i'm gonna need all my strength."