30 days before A really good idea pt. 1

As Kal walked up the cobbled stone steps of his father's home he thought of over a dozen different ways the upcoming conversation would go and none of them were good. For a man who just hit his early 20's Kal looked and felt much older, The thoughts that plagued him lately buzzed around his head like annoying gnats, persistently floating in and out of his conscience. The two door guards at the top of the steps broke him out of the trance, "Sir, good to see you." both guards said together. "Hmmn? Oh hello, just stopping in to talk to father." he responded with a weak smile. They react quickly, slinging their steam powered blunderbuss's and moving aside to open the large oak door in front of them."Have a good day sir." they say with a sharp nod and in unison as Kal walked in but he really didn't notice. The gnats were buzzing again.

"Father, you here?" Kal announced as he walked in, the faint aroma of fresh Earl Grey and tobacco was in the air. "You in the workshop?" he said aloud. "Back here lad." a older voice responded from beyond the livingroom. Kal half-hoped he wouldn't be here, it would give him more time to think on how to tell father the news but..."On my way." he said as he walked to the back of the house. He knocked twice upon the workshop door before opening it. The smell of the hot tea and cigarette smoke was confirmation that the head of New Age Labs was buzy creating again.Glancing across the room the dimly lit workshop looked more like a steam-powered garage with pipes stretching from ceiling to floor and tables that laid out the intricate dissected details of various machinery. This was his father's real home. Kal could see him sitting in his chair from across the shop, intently gazing upon a large blueprint mounted on the wall.

"Father, i know you're busy but there is something we must talk about." Kal sighed as he came into the workshop. "What is it lad?" the older gentleman said, not breaking his gaze from the mounted print, "Surely it has to be important to have you here and not in your medical journals." "It is, and that's why we have to talk. You see it's time that leave." Those words snapped his father out of his thoughts. "Oh! and why is that?" he stated as he swiveled his chair to face him. "I really thought you were happy helping others." "It's not that i'm not happy here father, it's that i'm not doing enough." Dr. Hans kristoff stared at his son intently. "Explain this, how do you think leaving our community will benefit us?"
"Father, i can learn about the new world and help those who really need it, We have it good here, so good that there are not really ANY sick people for me to treat. You told me once that the main reason the old world fell was because there is no helping hands for the common man, i want to be that man." The doctor wrinkled his busy gray mustache, he never seen his son so serious. "You really think that? You think you can be that helping hand?" a genuine smile came across Kal's face then, "Father, did you not have the same goals when you joined The Dreamers?, when you setup this community? It WAS just you and a idea of creating a community that cared for each other and through that..." "Yes, and through that.." Hans continued on, "Through that, caring for humanity. Good lord lad, i surely didn't think that you would ever use my own words against me!" he chuckled out.
"You have grown into a very smart man Kal." the gray haired inventor said smiling as he stood from his chair, "If this is really what you want to do then you must do it, help who you can," he said as he placed his hand on his shoulder, "Let them know what we have done here and let them know....let them know we are the helping hand."