A Tale of Men and Monkeys

Finally this was it. Lelo Vega, Klaus, Marcus, and Patrick were making their first move towards their their mission for Charles P. Twarld, the mayor of Milwaukee. After a couple of shenanigans here and there (one of them involving a waltzer with a decapitated head), Lelo Vega could finally get back to doing what he loved. Fighting for justice. He was in a train along with his comrades, the mayor and the mayor’s bodyguard, Bernie. Bernie was shaken up because he had just been converted to the Fighting Phils from his Waltzer faction. This was done by force by none other than Eugene Gumble, the president of the Fighting Phils. Lelo Vega and the others delivered a dead Waltzer to Gumble’s feet in order to be taken to Madison where Lelo and the others could continue on their mission. In order to ensure that Bernie wouldn’t cause a scene in Fighting Phil territory, Eugene Gumble officially made him a part of the Fighting Phils. Eugene also was the one manning the train that Lelo and the rest were in, to the chagrin of everyone except Charles P. Twarld. The mayor and Gumble had a friendly past, to the surprise of everyone as the mayor is usually heavily guarded by Waltzers, so Lelo Vega found comfort in knowing that the mayor would not be harmed by the psychotic Eugene Gumble. At least not at the moment anyway.
Suddenly, everyone in the train heard the click of an intercom.

“I hope you don’t mind if I have make a little stop for someone, he’s actually on his way to Madison too.”

It was Gumble. Lelo could tell that he had a sadistic smile based on the tone of his voice. “He’s up to something... This guy just won’t let us be”. He thought.

“His name is Curtis, he’s a good friend of ours... The Fighting Phils.” A shiver went up Bernie’s spine so fast, Gumble might as well have been speaking of the grim reaper. “Oh, and Charles old buddy?” Gumble continued. “It’s been a long time since the last time we’ve seen each other hasn’t it? You know, since you won the election, and I lost the election?”

The mayor’s face became unsettled, but he still chuckled, as if he didn’t really understand what Gumble meant. “Heh, heh, heh... It’s just that I’m very glad you’re here today Charles.... Very glad that you’re here...”

His voice faded away as the speed of the train increased. “This is a trap. He doesn’t plan on taking us to Madison quietly, I should’ve known.” Thought Lelo.

Originally Lelo Vega and Gumble were at odds way before this train ride. Lelo was a detective cop, and Gumble hated anything that appeared to be authority. He even once launched his trusty hammer that he carried with him at Lelo’s knee at their first meeting. Gumble accepted Lelo once he, Klaus, and Marcus brought back a dead Waltzer at his request. Even though the tension had lifted a bit, Lelo still did not trust Eugene Gumble, but at the same time, he had to cooperate with him. Suddenly the train made a stop, and then a rumbling noise followed. Marcus, who was the closest to the window, managed to catch a glimpse of who, or what just entered the train.

“A gorilla! The Curtis guy is really a gorilla!”

Lelo had a stern look on his face. “Gumble... What are you up to? A gorilla?”

They heard a banging noise as the train started up again. It sounded like the gorilla was banging and breaking against each door of each car of the train. No doubt, he was coming for all of them. Marcus tried to break the window that he was next to in order to create an escape. Gumble came back on the intercom. “Marcus, what a surprise for you to be the first one to jump ship.” Gumble could see all of the activity through a camera in the car that they were all in. The first attempt left a crack, Marcus gave it another try. “BAM!” This time the window didn’t even budge. The noise grew louder. It sounded like a drum roll with a ridiculously irregular beat at this point. “Damn it! There’s no escape at this point and we’re in the last car of the train! I say we blow this ape away!” Bellowed the giant Klaus, who was now standing, and pulled out his gun in mid sentence. Lelo looked at him and the others. “There’s no choice.” he said as he slid his hand into the inside pocket of his jacket and revealed a revolver. Lelo only used it when he was cornered and could not reason with his attacker. “Bernie. We’ll need your assistance. We can bombard him upon arrival and end this quickly.” Said Lelo, whose calm demeanor for someone who was about to face a gorilla disturbed the ex-Waltzer. “Uh... Right!” He said, suddenly remembering that he had an assault rifle. The three armed warriors aimed right the door in front of them as the grunting and bashing coming from ahead became louder and louder... “BANG!!” With a loud strike, the door came down, and there he was.

Height exceeding that of a regular gorilla, with a fierce look in his eyes that only knew destruction. He was wearing an orange scarf and a tattered shirt. Orange was the color of the Fighting Phils, the outside of the train was even spray painted “FIGHTING PHILS” in orange paint. He was with them alright, and he was Curtis.“FIRE!!” Yelled an anxiety ridden Bernie as the three opened fire on the overgrown primate. It looked like the 4th of July in there. Through the smoke came a swinging fist that clubbed all three gunmen and floored them. Bernie crawled back to where the mayor was, and joined him as they both cringed in fear. Lelo was slightly dazed. This wasn’t his line of work, and he didn’t know much about animals, let alone gorillas. He looked behind him and saw a door in the back of the car. They were in the back of the train, and out that door with the train at this speed meant certain death. He remembered that he had a flash grenade... “This could stun him and could we toss him out the back.” Thought Lelo. This would mean a joint effort surely, but it was the only choice they had as Marcus and Patrick were failing to defeat the huge gorilla as well. “Marcus! I got an idea! ” yelled the floored detective....