A New Job

Klaus got off the boat looking at Lelo, Brother Patrick, and Marcus. The air was thick with the smell of algae and the wind had a moderate breeze. Lelo said, “Lets go meet the Mayor.” He started to walk and was leading the group. Klaus walked behind the group not saying a word. He was examining each of the group members and how they fit into the description of the job. Marcus looked like a tough ex-sailor who had only a knife. He would be pretty useless in fights, unless it was close combat. Next was Brother Patrick, he had a bow and some arrows along with a sabre. Not bad for a religious man, but why would he need all those weapons? Klaus was contemplating why a religious man is working as a hired hand. As far as Klaus could tell religion was only helpful to the weak in this world, so he had no use for it. It still didn’t answer the question why a man of peace needed so many weapons like Klaus.
If Patrick could fight then he would be adequate, but somehow his religious views would either hinder the group or force him to be useless at times.

Then there was Lelo Vega who hired Klaus. It’s understandable why any person looking for a hired hand would go to Klaus. Klaus got many hired hand jobs just for his size. Some times he would get paid well because of his size, but he never got rich off it. It only sustained him, he needed a big payday to live and retire. He knew he couldn’t do this forever. When Lelo promised him a big payday enough to retire Klaus took the opportunity, because what did he have to loose? Lelo was kind enough to give him enough money to get drunk and sleep for the night in a bed. Klaus didn’t like one thing about this situation with Lelo, it was the suit Lelo wore. Klaus learned growing up from his father, you never trust a man in a suit.

Klaus shrugged off the thought as they started to walk into the city; he needed to have his wits about him. This was the first time Klaus was in a large city. The buildings were tall and dingy looking. Some of the buildings had broken windows, while other had missing chunks of siding from the decay and lack of upkeep. The ground was surprisingly dirty with garbage and rubble all strewn about. It looked like no one cared for the city enough to clean it up. Milwaukee also smelled worse than the country. The country smelled a lot nicer and wasn’t as ugly. Klaus was walking behind the group and was looking at the buildings thinking of how someone could ambush the group. Klaus quickly checked his pistol to make sure it was ready for a quick draw. Then he made sure his knife was sharp so anyone trying to get close would meet a quick end. Lastly, he checked his crossbow, which he used for hunting animals or humans. Either or it was a great crossbow he had gotten from his father that he took with great care.

Klaus towered over the group and was watching the group to make sure the group was safe, but also that so no one in the group tried to screw one another. Klaus was a giant so he could pick up Marcus, Lelo, or Patrick and quickly snap their neck if a problem arose. He didn’t trust the group nor did he want to let his guard down. Klaus kept watch as the group kept walking towards the Mayor, wherever he may be. Klaus was looking at the cars on the road; he had never seen cars like these. One particular small car said smart car, but Klaus begged to differ. He chuckled at the thought, if he could pick the car up it wasn’t really smart. Klaus also saw cars that been picked over for technology and electronics as well as luxury cars. As the group kept walking the rubble went away and the streets looked cleaner. He noticed the buildings were nicer looking as well. There are two reasons why this could happen, the crappy buildings protected the nice buildings from the weather or important people lived here. Klaus would rather take the later of the options since the group was going to meet the Mayor of Milwaukee.

Klaus noticed a very unique building with two men outside the building door. The building looked clean and nice and the two men outside were wearing suits. Klaus sighed as he saw they were wearing suits. He didn’t like suits, nor did he like Lelo in his suit taking the group to more suits. He did trust Lelo more since he paid him, but only by a small bit. Klaus slowed as they approached the luxurious buildings. He noticed there were no cars, rubble, or garbage around. The two guards had nice suits on and smug grins on their face. Klaus knew he could take out both of them, before anyone would know what was going on. He had to show restraint, he let Lelo do the talking.

“We’re here to see the Mayor.”
“Right, I’m the Mayor,” said one of the guards.

Klaus’ patience was growing shorter. He didn’t like the guard’s attitudes nor their snarky tone. Klaus clenched his fists at his side since he didn’t want to kill anyone, but he wanted to set the suits straight.