It was an intense moment in the Fighting Phils center, and Eugene Gumble was furious. Lelo Vega and his unit just failed to convince him to allow them to have permission to recruit the Fighting Phils, a militia against Walter Crawley, to solve a case that the mayor, Charles P. Twarld hired them for. The mood was uncomfortable as an elephant in a speedo suit. Gumble grabbed Lelo by the shirt with savage- like swing of his left arm. In his right arm was a huge hammer, which was responsible for the numerous imprints that covered the off white walls of the room that they were in.

“What is your name?” Gumble barked. Lelo looked around at the others, it was no use. They were all just as freaked out by the the unpredictability of Gumble as Lelo was. Even Marcus, who was in Gumble’s good graces, was just as hesitant everybody else as they watched Lelo’s shirt ball up in the fist of the Hammer wielding liability.

“Lelo.” The words slid through Lelo Vega’s teeth.

“Lelo.... Who??” Gumbel questioned Lelo even further.

“Should I give him an alias?” Thought Lelo. “Maybe Lelo Vernon? Lelo Vincent? Lelo Vanwagner? No...”

Lelo thought to himself that there was no point of giving Gumble a fake name. He already knew Marcus, and he knew the names of Klaus and Patrick. If he couldn’t find him by the name ‘Lelo Vega’, He had three other men who he could find Lelo through. This was pointless to do.

“Vega.” It slid out of his mouth a bit more confidently than the first name.

A wide smile spread slowly over the crazed face of Gumble. It was like watching a villain from a comic book coming to life. Lelo had been in a number of hostile situations in the past. Gunfights, fistfights, car chases, but he had never felt so helpless and unveiled as he did at this moment with Gumble holding the advantage over him. It couldn’t be helped. Lelo was in Eugene Gumble’s domain. For that moment, Lelo was his.The hammer imprints that overlay the walls were his, the room that currently held four intimidated individuals and an alumni of the psychiatric ward was his, the undeniable tension that everyone else felt, even belonged to him. Lelo felt a sense of overwhelmingness that he hadn’t felt in a long time.

Gumble let go of Lelo’s shirt slowly and stepped back. It looked like a wrinkle celebration on Lelo’s chest. “Lelo Vega!” Gumble spoke loud in satisfaction as he turned his back and continued walking. “I will never forget that name!” He turned around suddenly and shot Lelo a sinister look. Lelo kept his composure, but his face grew stern. “Never forget?” To him it sounded like he was going to have to watch his back just as much as he had to watch the mayor’s. Gumble, now turned fully back around, shouted “You hear that boys?!? Lelo Vegaaaa!” Clearly he was shouting at someone else other than Lelo, Marcus, Klaus and Patrick. All of them, excluding Lelo, who turned around in the direction that Gumble shouted at, exchanged looks of confusion. Lelo thought that it probably wasn't a good idea to turn his back on a man who threw a hammer at him in the hopes of shattering his knee into as many pieces as the room that they were in had hammer imprints, but Gumble was unpredictable, and there was no telling what he could pull out of his sleeve in the Fighting Phils Center.

Suddenly a bunch of voices arose from what seemed like the floor, in the same manner that a zombie would rise from the dead. “Lelo Vega, Lelo Vega Lelo Vega, Lelo Vega, Lelo Vega, Lelo Vega, Lelo Vega!” It was the Fighting Phils themselves. No one could see them, but Lelo and the others knew that without a shadow of a doubt that they were the Fighting Phils. “Lelo Vega! Lelo Vega! Lelo Vega! Lelo Vega!” The chanting intensified. Lelo had never heard his name chanted repeatedly in such a near bloodthirsty manner. This was bad. Now he had to watch out for himself and avoid the Fighting Phils. Suddenly Lelo started to regret giving out his real name. He was in situation no doubt. He had to solve a case, protect the mayor, and recruit the fighting phils. Now, he just hit a roadblock between himself and the fighting phils, nearly got his leg shattered by the president of the fighting phils center, and became a marked man in about 15 minutes flat. Something told him that this would be his toughest pickle yet. It was apparent that Lelo and the rest were not going to leave this place with permission to recruit the Fighting Phils.

Marcus, who couldn’t do wrong when it came to Gumble, managed to strike a deal with him in order to accomplish their objective of recruitment. They had to return to the Fighting Phils center with a Waltzer. A dead Waltzer. Lelo entered the Fighting Phil center as a man of justice and now he felt like he was about to leave as a hitman. But if it was for the sake of fulfilling his duty to mayor Twarld, he must be done. Justice would prevail in the end. Lelo was sure of it. They had to kill a Waltzer, and if they came back without one, surely something would happen to Lelo. He was like the devil’s spawn in Gumble’s eyes, so he had to be wise about his decisions. Marcus continued to converse with Gumble, so Lelo had free time to think in peace. How could he kill just one Waltzer and not expect others to surface as a result?

Lelo started to stare at the cracked walls of the room that they all were in as if one of the cracks was open up and spit out the answer at him (It wouldn’t surprise him given the bizarre experience he just had with Gumble not too long ago). “Bernie!” He thought. They could remove Bernie from the mayor, and Gumble could have his Waltzer. It would put them in a good space if done right. Bernie was a Waltzer to the bone and eliminating him would mean that they would no longer have a watchful eye on them and their actions. But how would they do that without the mayor knowing about it? If the mayor were to see or suspect any of them, it would mean big trouble. With mayor Twarld practically glued to Bernie, as paranoid as he is, it would prove to be no walk in the park. These thoughts continued to swirl around in Lelo’s head, until he heard the indistinct conversation between Marcus and Gumble cease. It was a done deal. They all understood they needed a Waltzer, and they needed him dead.