The Red Church was a dodgy looking place indeed. The gate that Lelo Vega, Klaus, Marcus and Brother Patrick all stood in front of was a very rusty one, and it looked like it belonged to a cemetery. This was the first step to eliminate Matthew Crawley and put an end to what had been such a very troublesome 24 hrs for Lelo Vega and his team. Bernie and Mayor Twarld were terrified at the sight of the church, so Lelo and the others went on.

They opened the gate, and continued inside...

Sure enough, this place was full of ghastly creatures. They appeared to be ghost-like human hybrids, but the fog that hindered everyone’s vision once the door opened made it hard to tell hallucination from reality. The fog started to die down, and Lelo could see clearly. There were a bunch of eccentric... people, if you will, standing in front of Lelo, Klaus, Marcus and Brother Patrick. “Why, are you all here to see the orange man?” Lelo ignored them, they didn’t look like they were capable of having a normal exchange of words, so Lelo didn’t bother. One stepped over to Klaus and asked, “Are you the Acolyte?”. Klaus didn’t know what to say. Suddenly another one came into the main lobby of the Red Church to join the rest of the activity, but he wasn’t just one of them, he looked like the leader. He introduced himself as Piss, and it wasn’t hard to understand why as the front of his pants were vile... He was an old and disturbed looking fellow, who was more eccentric acting than the rest of what seemed to be his lackeys. “Ah yes, the orange man said that you all would be here...” He said with a slight grimace. Piss asked Klaus how he knew the orange man, and all Klaus could say was that the orange man was a friend of his, obviously Lelo, Marcus and Patrick knew this was a lie, but they were in unknown territory, and The Red Church had weaponry inside that they all needed. Lelo, who was uncomfortable with Piss’s interrogation stepped forward and said

“Who is this orange man that you’re speaking of?” Piss’s attention quickly shifted.

“And who are you?” he replied.

“Doesn’t matter who I am.” Said Lelo.

“He’s my friend...” Said Klaus, who was trying to avoid Lelo from potentially angering Piss.

“Ah, friends of the Acolyte...” Piss said, as a trickle started down his pants.

“Well what is it that you need here?” He spoke again. Klaus told Piss that he and the rest of the gang needed weapons, and Piss took them to the weapons mausoleum. It was where they stored the all of their firepower. Marcus joined both Lelo and Klaus in Piss’s wake, but Brother Patrick was not allowed as Piss felt that the Holy man was of another opposing faction. He was sent out of the church, but he reunited with the cowardly Mayor and Bernie. He had to sneak back in. He couldn’t allow to just leave his comrades there, not now. Meanwhile, on the way to the mausoleum, Lelo stumbled upon what looked like a corpse in a chair... He knew who it was, but he got a bit closer, as the face looked familiar. “Matthew Crawley!” Lelo thought. Matthew Crawley was indeed in the chair, but who killed him? The body was cold, so he had to be there for an hour at least. He caught the attention of both Klaus and Marcus so they could see for themselves, but they had to hurry along, Piss was getting away from them.

Things got real interesting all of a sudden...

As Piss lead the way, he told them that in order to get to the mausoleum, they would have to meet the orange man first. Who was this orange man?? If this orange man was affiliated with Piss, then he would be quite the character. once they entered the mausoleum, Lelo finally put two and two together. “Gumble!” He thought. It had be Gumble. He was the only one Lelo could think of that fit the “orange man” moniker... The door to the mausoleum opened, and sure enough, It was --


The familiar crazed laughter, the hammer, the insane face. It was Eugene Gumble. This was a setup. “Damn it!” said Lelo. Gumble had a hostage in addition to this sudden encounter, Bob Vister, the president of the Fighting Phils. Klaus readied his weapon, he wasn’t going to reason with the crazed maniac. His blood had to be spilled. Immediately, Gumble aimed his gun at Vister. Klaus stopped himself from shooting his gun.

“It was me who killed Crawley! Hahahahahaha!!!” Said Gumble, more maniacal than ever.

“What do you want with us Gumble?!?” Said Marcus, who was just as sick of Gumble’s frequent occurrences through this day as everyone else.

“I want nothing! I did this for this you... You can have all the glory, you’ll be the ones who’ll take out Matthew Crawley, and since I’m in such a good mood, I’ll kill this Fighting Phil too!”

An arrow is shot and nearly grazes Gumble.

Brother Patrick, who made his way back in the Red Church, appeared in the nick of time.

His arrow missed Gumble, but he killed Piss. His kidneys exploded upon his death. It was a gruesome sight to see. Marcus, Klaus and Lelo began to fire at Gumble who was now away from Vister, but Gumble fired back with his rifle. The shootout took no lives, and Gumble made a run for it. Multiple shots were fired throughout the church, but only one managed to hit Gumble in the leg. The bullet belonged to Bernie who quickly joined in the fight, not missing a beat. Still, he kept running out of range for a decent kill. The chase continued out of the church, where multiple ghastly humans were located...

“Kill the Acolyte and his little friends!!! Kill’em all, Kill’em!!! ” Gumble shouted at the ghost lackeys. Their attention shifted to the gang.

Gumble had them cornered, what were they going to do? Suddenly a voice came from the church. It was Mayor Twarld. Somehow the mayor ordered the ghost humans to attack, and end, Eugene Gumble. He was completely devoured. His screams echoed in the ears of the gang as they watched Gumble get what he finally deserved... It was all over now. Lelo looked at the aftermath of the sudden carnage, and spoke...

“Game over Gumble.”

Finally, the twenty-four hour nightmare had ceased.